So Ji Sub is selected as the handsomest model-turned actor

So Ji Sub is selected as the handsomest model-turned actor

Actor So Ji Sub was recently selected as the handsomest model-turned actor.

Online community portal site DC Inside ( did a survey starting on July 17 through 24 asking, “Who is the handsomest model-turned actor?”

As a result, So Ji Sub ranked first, receiving 702 votes (26.5 percent) out of 2,648 votes. He debuted as a model for a jeans company in 1995 and appeared on a sitcom the next year. Since then he has become a popular talented actor through several TV series, including Glass Shoes, I’m Sorry I Love You, Cain and Abel, and Ghost.

Actor Kang Dong Won ranked second, receiving 422 votes (15.9 percent). He also debuted as a model and started appearing on TV series and movies in 2003. He has become a beloved actor through Temptation of Wolves, Maundy Thursday, Woochi, Secret Reunion, and Haunters.

Actor Cho In Sung came in third, receiving 366 votes (13.8 percent). He debuted in 1998 and appeared on the sitcom New Nonstop. Then he was recognized as a talented actor through Piano, Happening in Bali, and Spring Day. He received the Best Actor prize at ‘The 5th Korea Film Awards’ thanks to the movie A Dirty Carnival.

The website is currently doing a survey asking, “Who is the most beautiful model-turned actress?”

Source: TV Report